A unique pop sound...the sound is fresh... straddling a bridge between space-rock and danceable indie” - Devizine


Songs for the struggle

Whole hearted, life affirming, on your side, in your corner music. Atari Pilot Relaunched in 2018, re-releasing the debut album "Navigation of the world by sound". It features indie bangers like Rip the Floor Up, deep ballads like Love Come To Zero  

"After coming through a battle with cancer I've never been more excited and grateful to be able to play and create music, it's time to dig deep and finish this 2nd album!"

I had such amazing support during my illness from so many people it was really humbling. It also really inspired me to writing a whole raft of songs for the struggle, which I think really resonate with the world we're on all in right now."

'Atari Pilot is the sound of someone searching for something or someone, trying to the put the pieces together in order to escape or overcome whatever they struggle against’.

We hope the songs will connect with people and inspire them to keep up the fight, to believe in themselves and the people around them, that's the message we’re trying to send, we’re on your side and in your corner." 👊

And the Atari Pilot sound in one line?

"Dance grooves and belting rock anthems being alchemized into brilliant tunes" Greenmanmusic


Current single - Wrong captain

Video - Wrong captain