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Change the rules of the game, take the face from the name, trade the soul for the fame...I'm an Atari Pilot.

"One of the most talked about new arrivals on the Swindon music scene, Atari Pilot had created a real stir before they have even played their debut gig... If heavy dance grooves and belting rock anthems being alchemized into brilliant tunes sounds like your sort of thing then check out their music.." Green Man Music

Atari Pilot is an exciting Artist from the UK. A singular voice that combined with a cinematic sound sends you on a unique musical journey into the night...

After releasing the acclaimed debut album 'Navigation Of The World By Sound' Atari Pilot have made their long awaited live debut in 2012. It began with a collection of simply great songs and no rules. Themes of taking chances, making choices and paying prices littered the lyrics , whilst musically, genre boundaries were ignored and the songs were given sonic freedom.

'Atari Pilot is the sound of someone searching for something or someone, trying to the put the pieces together in order to escape or overcome whatever they struggle against. The songs are a like series of film scenes , where we're in that particular moment at that particular time. The Narrative and the music combine to give the songs their energy.'

The first song to be released was Game Change. It has already received radio airplay in the UK on Amazing Radio and spent over two months atop the Tunecrank charts.

After a long hiatus which took in a serious illness, Atari Pilot finally returns in 2018 starting with a set at the swindon shuffle in July.

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